Reconnecting by Disconnecting

‘Sometimes you’re far too much,’ Riley chuckled after I explained to her that I felt reborn after having gone to the beach and dunked my head under a few times. ‘I felt so disconnected from the earth, but everything seems aligned now,’ I explained. She’s right, sometimes I am far too much, sometimes I hear the words coming out of my mouth and think, ‘really? You’re really going to say that?‘ I think it’s first important to thank all my friends who put up with my, sometimes, daily calls about how my life has gained new meaning; each of you are so important to me and I am forever grateful for you. I have so many ‘light-bulb moments’ that occur sometimes minutes apart; but each truly seem more groundbreaking than their predecessor. They usually involve something that I like to call an ‘internal ray of sunshine,’ where my whole body feels warm and I can feel every part of me smiling. Seconds later I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about the new idea that’s popped into my head. The feeling is intoxicating, so when I feel disconnected from myself in anyway, I freak out. My main problems occur when I don’t have my ‘happy, go-lucky’ attitude.


As someone who was raised by wilderness warriors, I’m lucky enough to have never been far from natural beauty. I’ve always been taught to engage in a proper relationship with mother earth and to respect and cultivate my connection to the planet. This has been woven into my life for as long as I can remember, so when that connection is lost, it affects every part of my being. Now, this is one of those moments where I do recognise that I can be too much, so feel free to have a giggle at me, because I too find my thoughts pretty funny. Feeling a disconnect from the earth, for me, is like feeling separated from my soul, everything seems slightly off balance; as if I am a candle that is slightly off centre on a mantle piece, or a painting on a wall that is slightly tilted. It’s not blazingly obvious, but it is still noticeable. This has gotten me thinking, ‘How do we reconnect when we’re constantly busy?’ The short answer is, ‘I don’t know, but I am trying.’ The longer answer involves delving a little deeper into the mind of Rosa.


As with many of my blog posts I encourage everyone to disconnect from social media and technology as much as they can. With this post, however, I am also encouraging people who, when feeling disconnected from the earth or themselves, to focus on that disconnection and figure out why it occurred. Acknowledge it, seek to understand it, and finally work to reconnect whatever is disconnected. I want to also acknowledge that everyone has busy lives and that me telling you to take some time for yourself can seem a little tongue in cheek, but I want to assure you that this is not my intention. I started this blog as a way to consolidate my own feelings, opinions and thoughts. It’s become cathartic to write, and sometimes I feel as though the only way for me to express myself is by writing things down. That is what I am doing right now; I am seeking to reconnect with myself by writing about it. I know why I have disconnected, so now I am trying to tackle how best to reconnect.


For me reconnecting always involves a beach; I feel trapped when I am not near water, but for others it may be completely different. I am constantly seeking to understand myself and the world around me, and have recently learnt that when I feel disconnected from my soul, and the earth, my days seem to fly by in a bit of a blur. Learning about ourselves is a life-long commitment and being empathetic to others and their journeys can be difficult when we don’t understand ourselves. If you are resonating with any of this, my advice is to take a step back and examine your own path, seek to understand where you are at in your journey, and then seek to understand others. We cannot be the best friend to someone else until we are the best friend to ourselves.


If this is at all relatable to anyone reading this, I hope you’re doing whatever it is you need to do to reconnect. When we disconnect, we learn, and although it is tough, it teaches us how best to reconnect with ourselves, and may also teach us how best to remain connected. That is what I want the takeaway message to be here; understand that it is ok to not operate at 100% and recognise that sometimes the best way to reconnect is to go through the journey of being disconnected from ourselves, and learn from it.

Peace n love xxxxx

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